Rita Sartori & Alternative Venice

Over the years I happened to meet journalists and documentary filmmakers, all of them searching for the “real Venice”. Actually, an alternative Venice beyond the usual clichés.

I was very pleased to take them by the hand on some special guided tours and let them see Venice from its environmental and cultural perspective, unveiling its real nature and conveying a sense of place. 
The articles and the videos you’ll read and see in the posts hereunder tell about their Venice experience.

Their personal feelings, which surface from their works, picture a Venice that, although put under siege by one-day mass tourism and threatened by disputable economic policies, is still a haven for the (weary) soul and a reservoir of extraordinary beauty and cultural values.



Veniceness & Uniqueness
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With this post I wish to thank Guido Moltedo for “painting” Venice and the Venetians so well. The only point I may disagree upon is when he writes about the city being dirty. Actually, now it is not. It’s not … Read More

Keep it Alternative
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Keep it alternative! Avoid tourist hotspots such as St Mark’s Basilica or Piazza San Marco, the city’s main square, and explore the lesser known districts with Alternative Venice tours. ‘The Island of Vignole is referred to by Venetians as our summer resort … Read More

The Pros of Hiring a Guide
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Private tour guide can be a business traveler’s best friend writes Jill Becker, special to CNN. Here are some excerpts from his article about the pros of hiring a private guide. ‘Leisure travelers such as myself aren’t the only ones … Read More

Venice, A La Carte
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      “A La Carte” is a de luxe german travel magazine published by Klocke Verlag. Martina and Thomas Klocke have a special love for Venice and came to Venice to experience its charme and secret soul. The nicest … Read More

Casanova’s Venice
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  (…) Born to actors in 1725, Casanova railed against his lowly roots. “To be an actor in the 18th century was little better than being a prostitute,” explained my guide, Rita Sartori, as we reached the spot where it … Read More

Venice is great for kids
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  Suzanne Moore, in The Guardian, writes extensively about her Venice experience. In her article one can read: (…) Later we met Rita Sartori, a lovely woman who was to take us on a ghost walk. There are all sorts of … Read More

Venice: Masks, Myths and Patrons of Arts
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  Carnival in Venice! Time to wear masks and disguisements, as in the 18th-century Venice! Rita Sartori co-starring in “Hallo Deutschland!” on 1st September 2014, a TV Programme by ZDF (German TV) “Venedig: Masken, Mythen und Maezene” (see from 24:28 … Read More

The Los Angeles Times’ Readers Recommend Rita Sartori
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‘We recently toured Venice with Rita Sartori, a fabulous private native guide. She related history in story-like form, showing us “her” city. We covered the top sights as well as other unique sites with no waiting in line. It was … Read More