What is ‘Chorus’

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‘Chorus’ (www.chorusvenezia.org) is a network of 17 churches. It was designed to create a virtuous self-financing system to allow the opening, maintenance, safekeeping of historical churches on the basis of the following criteria:

1. The involvement of the visitors in the project of safeguarding and promotion of the Venice religious heritage by means of a fixed contribution: 3 euros for a single church; 12 euros (Chorus pass) for the whole network, one-year validity

2. The above contribution is imposed on the “extended use” of each sacred site away from Holy Service times, and exclusively on “non-faithful” tourists (the locals have free entrance). Granted are reliable and longer opening times, an adequate lighting system, museum-like labels on artworks, a clean environment, staff assistance

3. The activation of a mechanism of “solidarity” amongst churches: all contributions given to visit the well-known (and most visited) churches of the network are also intended to finance the management of the less known (and less visited) ones.

4. An invitation to explore and experience the beauty of less crowded surroundings: an effective contribution to divert the tourist flows. The visitors are supplied a map showing the location of all the Chorus Churches and suggestive of new routes across the territory.

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Veduta interna generale, Chiesa di San Giovanni Elemosinario, Venezia
Church of San Giovanni Elemosinario, interior (works by Titian, Pordenone, D. Tintoretto, Palma Il Giovane, L.Corona