Rita Sartori is a qualified guide of Venice and its Lagoon, a World Heritage site since 1987.

Rita designs and conducts customized, sustainable tours in English, German and Italian, with a personal approach and much flexibility.

Venice is pure beauty

Nothing in the world that ever you have heard of Venice, is equal to the magnificent and stupendous reality. The wildest visions of the Arabian Nights are nothing to the piazza of Saint Mark, and the first impression of the inside of the church. The gorgeous and wonderful reality of Venice is beyond the fancy of the wildest dreamer.

 (Charles Dickens) 

Venice is a therapy

Each of us knows that nothing so affects the soul, so transports, as moments of beauty - in nature, a face, a song, an action or dream. And we feel that these moments are therapeutic in the truest sense: make us aware of soul and make us care for its value. We have been touched by beauty.

 (James Hillman)

Venice is a maze

Where are you going? 

Throw away your map!

Why fight the labyrinth?

Getting lost is the only place worth going to.



(Tiziano Scarpa)

Alternative Venice award

Alternative Venice has won the Luxury Travel Guide 2016 Awards in the category 'Sustainable Tour Operator of the Year for Venice' in the 2016 Holiday & Tour Specialist Awards.

I actually do not know which of my lovely guests put me forward for this award, but I wish to thank everyone who expressed their appreciation and spread the word.

Certificate of Excellence



logo Enjoy respect Venezia rosso e nero

#EnjoyRespectVenezia is the City of Venice's awareness campaign launched during the International Year of Sustainable Tourism for Development (2017) and designed to direct visitors towards the adoption of responsible and respectful behaviour towards the environment, landscape, artistic beauties and identity of Venice and its inhabitants. The objective is to raise awareness of tourist impact, with the belief that responsible travelling can contribute to sustainable development.

Alternative Venice's Blog

What is ‘Chorus’
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  ‘Chorus’ (www.chorusvenezia.org) is a network of 17 churches. It was designed to create a virtuous self-financing system to allow the opening, maintenance, safekeeping of historical churches on the basis of the following criteria: 1. The involvement of the visitors in the project … Read More

Acqua Alta, High Water
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One of the facts that usually alarm and upset visitors: our frequent ”acqua alta”. You do not need to worry much, they are only temporary.          

Venice’s Map
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Venice’s map: A fish or two shaking hands? How many pieces in this jigsaw puzzle? For you,  map and instructions.  

Venice, Tap Water is Drinkable!
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  In Venice there are over 100 drinking fountains with good, safe, free water. Please re-use your bottle (or buy a re-usable one), take it with you and fill it up.