Rita Sartori, Guide in Venice

I love differences. I have always found a strong aesthetic appeal in people other than me and languages other than mine. The more different, mysterious, unintelligible – both people and idioms – are, the harder I try to overcome any surfacing cultural divide. As a result, studying foreign languages became a necessity, not an option.

I love challenges. My new life began after the company I worked for closed down. Everyone was fired. The day I had to leave my desk, I knew that I would not want to be sitting behind any other in the future. I started off investigating my territory and investing on my education. Venice became my new passion, and a soft addiction.

Alternative Venice, my new beginning.
‘Alternative’ suggests a different, unconventional approach. As a compound (‘alter’ + ‘native’), it combines the act of altering, making different, with the idea of something local, original, unsophisticated. A promise of an authentic experience.

Guided tours in the Accademia Gallery
Discussing site-specific artworks  at the Gallerie dell’Accademia in Venice

More information about Rita Sartori

A professional guide since 1998, officially qualified for illustrating the Cultural Heritage of Venice & its Lagoon, the Venetian Villas and the Eastern Veneto, including museums, exhibitions, and all those secret places that only natives know.

Bachelor’s Degree in Foreign Languages, Art, History & Civilization (University Ca’ Foscari, Venice)
Topic of dissertation: Caravaggio and Malta

Master’s Degree in Economics and Management of Arts (University Ca’ Foscari, Venice)
Topic of dissertation: Sacred Spaces and Tourist Spaces. ‘Chorus’, A Model of Conciliation.

A researcher in the field of redundant religious heritage under the supervision
of the Laboratory of Management 
of Arts and Culture (M.A.C. Lab),
University Ca’Foscari, Venice. 

A member of the international, lay and not-for-profit organization Future for Religious Heritage,
whose main concern is the future of nowadays ‘redundant’ historic religious (christian and non-christian)buildings, and their potential ‘extended use’, or re-use.

FRH_Logo_Member_New_2018_RGB Logo MacLab

Main collaborations:

  • National Geographic Television (USA), for The Rising Tides of Venice, a documentary on the environmental issues of the Venetian Lagoon;
  • BBC (UK), for Holiday Programme;
  • Dreamworks Animation Television (USA), as a previewer
  • ZDF (D) in Hallo Deutschland;
  • RAI (Italy’s National Broadcasting Network) for Ulisse, il Piacere della Scoperta: Venezia, sette secoli di splendore,
    a program by Piero Angela and Alberto Angela, as a researcher;
  • RTI-Mediaset (I), with a script for a documentary on Venice, its culture and traditions;
  • Venice Tourist Board (I) (Azienda di Promozione Turistica di Venezia) 
  • Aareal Bank Group (D), for which I designed a ‘learning experience’ in the Arsenal of Venice, as a case study.

My passions:  my job, art, dance, The Beatles.

My latest passion:   Old Venetian glass ‘trade beads’!

Child-friendly guided tours in Venice
Child-friendly guided tours in Venice
With the German actors Uwe Kockisch and Karl FIscher, acting respectively as Commissario Brunetti and Sergente Vianello in the TV series based on the detective stories by the famous American writer Donna Leon