Venice Paths

An overview of what makes Venice so unique. Each tour from a different angle.
Old traditions and everyday life will be discussed in an entertaining way,
without standing for ages in front of a single artifact.

Each one of these tours is customized, and each time never the same.
Do not expect a pre-organized tour, but a flexible interaction with me, the guide,
always ready to ‘go into depth’, when required and only if you feel like.

Cicchetti: A Taste Of Venice
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  Cicchetti: A Taste of Venice Pills of History and Local Touch What about learning the history of Venice, while visiting some of the less known areas of the city, occasionally stopping here and there to sip generous local wines … Read More

Venice, Environmental Issues & Solutions
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Are you interested in knowing more about Venice, in terms of environmental issues and solutions? Intrusive activities and interventions in the lagoon started more than 700 years ago. Venice has been a place in transition for centuries. It is actually … Read More

Venice, History & Mystery
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A magical mystery tour especially designed to bring to life stories and facts that made the history of Venice, making you wander through the maze of winding alleyways, bridges and canals, revealing the “behind the scenes” of a city that … Read More

Venice, Walk & Row
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Since its early days, Venice was designed to be experienced from the water. Yet, from the 14th century on it has been progressively acquiring a fascinating ‘land perspective’. Now, an intricate maze of winding streets almost outclasses the labirynth of twisting … Read More

Venice, the Six Districts
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Venice has been divided into six districts (sestieri) ever since the Middle Ages. Each one of them boasts famous sites and artworks. The borders of the sestieri intermingle at several points and do not appear sharply indicated in any map. This … Read More

Das Venedig von Commissario Brunetti
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  In den Verfilmungen von Donna Leons Krimis spielt das wenigbekannte Venedig die Hauptrolle. Das Venedig von Commissario Brunetti entspricht genau das 95% der Stadt, wo die Gassen ruhig sind und die Lebensqualitaet am besten. Es kann auch sein, dass man … Read More