Storytelling is a way to engage the audience and provide a sense of belonging.
I like to show my guests the unconventional, the site-specific, the still unspoiled.
Newcomers, repeaters, curiosity-seekers or scholars
will learn those mostly overlooked, yet fundamental details that are crucial 
to get the whole picture.

I love to bring to life stories and people, and show how they are connected with places, buildings, churches, artworks.
I strive to provide a sense of place. This helps my guests to find a sense of belonging in what they see and experience. I like to use an interactive, cross-generational narration in order to engage visitors of all ages. I can switch to a more child-oriented register to please the young and the very young.

My aim is to design tours that awake passion and interest for our heritage
and convey the importance of its safeguarding.
Tours will be customized and paced on your own wishes and expectations.
Not a lecture, yet an informative and interactive conversation,
with a special care for your own feelings or mood of the moment.
A nice way to assimilate a great deal of information
and get a deep understanding of Venice, its past and its present.

Please help me customize your tours at best:
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Cicchetti: A Taste Of Venice
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  Cicchetti: A Taste of Venice Pills of History and Local Touch What about learning the history of Venice, while visiting some of the less known areas of the city, occasionally stopping here and there to sip generous local wines … Read More

Venice, Environmental Issues & Solutions
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Are you interested in knowing more about Venice, in terms of environmental issues and solutions? Intrusive activities and interventions in the lagoon started more than 700 years ago. Venice has been a place in transition for centuries. It is actually … Read More

Venice, History & Mystery
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A magical mystery tour especially designed to bring to life stories and facts that made the history of Venice, making you wander through the maze of winding alleyways, bridges and canals, revealing the “behind the scenes” of a city that … Read More

Venice’s Wetlands: Mosaics, Fish & Colors
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A lagoon drop in a glass bubble. The artwork was designed Lucio Andrich, an eclectic artist. He lived in one of the few houses of Torcello, which is now called the Casa Museo Andrich.  Lucio Andrich’s artistic legacy is still … Read More

Venice, Fish & Bike
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Biking in Venice is forbidden. Yet, there are two islands in its lagoon where you can bike around. One is Sant’Erasmo. Sant’Erasmo is pure countryside, sea and land in one, a vaste of fields and vineyards, few scattered houses, a … Read More

Venice, Walk & Row
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Since its early days, Venice was designed to be experienced from the water. Yet, from the 14th century on it has been progressively acquiring a fascinating ‘land perspective’. Now, an intricate maze of winding streets almost outclasses the labirynth of twisting … Read More

Murano, Glass & More
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Flames of glass and an oversized glass snowflake surprise the visitors who land on Murano. Forget the crowds that daily put St Mark’s Square, the Rialto Bridge and other landmarks under siege and immediately visit the famous Glass Museum hosted … Read More

Dragons, Lions, Princesses & The Great Wall
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Dragons, lions, princesses, walls: there are places in Venice that are beyond any imagination, There’s a walled city within the perimeter of Venice. Its walls are so tall you can’t figure out what you may find on the other side. … Read More

“Scuole”: The Hidden Treasures of Venice
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Learn the history of Venice from a “bottom-up” perspective. Away from the rooms of the power (the Doge’s Palace, the Church and the square of St Mark ) one can experience the venues of the “Scuole”, organizations in which commoners … Read More

Titian & Tintoretto: The Power of Images
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Tintoretto worked in the Scuola Grande di San Rocco for over 20 years. He staged the Passion of Jesus like no one before him. The powerful paintings by this extraordinary visionary artist will surprise you immensely. Titian, Tintoretto’s older contemporary, … Read More

Venice, the Six Districts
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Venice has been divided into six districts (sestieri) ever since the Middle Ages. Each one of them boasts famous sites and artworks. The borders of the sestieri intermingle at several points and do not appear sharply indicated in any map. This … Read More

The lagoon of Venice
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The lagoon of Venice is a universe of islands and islanders. Itineraries tailored to your time and budget, aboard exclusive private launches or vaporetti. North off Venice: Torcello, Murano, Burano, Mazzorbo; San Francesco del Deserto, Sant’Erasmo, Vignole, Certosa; San Michele. … Read More

Das Venedig von Commissario Brunetti
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  In den Verfilmungen von Donna Leons Krimis spielt das wenigbekannte Venedig die Hauptrolle. Das Venedig von Commissario Brunetti entspricht genau das 95% der Stadt, wo die Gassen ruhig sind und die Lebensqualitaet am besten. Es kann auch sein, dass man … Read More