Venice, Enjoyable Art & History

Interactive itineraries to experience the power of art in its original context:
“palazzi”, churches, fraternities (Scuole), oratories. Many places in Venice haven’t changed a bit.

It’s fascinating to bring them to life by telling the stories of their users, of the past and of the present day (many are living heritage) and decoding their ‘sign language’: centuries of history haven’t corrupted the connections between a building and its surroundings yet.

You’ll get to know places like the Scuola Grande di San Rocco, the Scuola di San Giorgio degli Schiavoni, the Frari’s Church, the Church of Miracoli, the Church of San Pantalon,
the Church of San Giovanni Elemosinario, just to mention a few.

After that, you’ll never be the same.

Dragons, Lions, Princesses & The Great Wall
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Dragons, lions, princesses, walls: there are places in Venice that are beyond any imagination, There’s a walled city within the perimeter of Venice. Its walls are so tall you can’t figure out what you may find on the other side. … Read More

“Scuole”: The Hidden Treasures of Venice
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                    Learn the history of Venice from a “bottom-up” perspective. Away from the rooms of the power (the Doge’s Palace, the Church and the square of St Mark ) one can … Read More

Titian & Tintoretto: The Power of Images
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  Tintoretto worked in the Scuola Grande di San Rocco for over 20 years. He staged the Passion of Jesus like no one before him. The powerul paintings by this extraordinary visionary artist will surprise you immensely. Titian, Tintoretto’s older … Read More