Venice, Environmental Issues & Solutions

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Flood barriers in action
Courtesy of Consorzio Venezia Nuova – MOSE flood barriers in action

Are you interested in knowing more about Venice, in terms of environmental issues and solutions?

Intrusive activities and interventions in the lagoon started more than 700 years ago. Venice has been a place in transition for centuries. It is actually the outcome of a centuries-long interaction between humans and nature. Finding an acceptable balance between human activities and the surrounding environment has always been the main concern of its governing bodies, in the past and in the present day.

Knowing more about Venice’s environmental issues also means to know more about what the reasons of building a city on the water and the strategies make it work properly. Venice was built on unstable, impermanent soil, yet it has survived centuries of transformational actions, both natural and human-driven. Living in Venice has always required much flexibility, patience, respect of nature, and a lot of engineering solutions to make it work. A long succession of testing and trials (and failures).

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