Venice is great for kids

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Courtesy of The Guardian
Courtesy of The Guardian

Suzanne Moore, in The Guardian, writes extensively about her Venice experience. In her article one can read:

(…) Later we met Rita Sartori, a lovely woman who was to take us on a ghost walk. There are all sorts of these tours, but Rita does something unique: it’s not a ghost walk at all but a magical mystery tour by someone who knows and loves the city (…)

If it is not a ghost tour, then what is it? It’s a customized tour that may cover different sections of the city, nothing pre-organized nor standardized, but an experience tailored on your (big and/or small) kids’ personality, inclinations, response. Mrs Suzanne Moore did book me, asking for a “ghost tour”. I replied that I’m not for inventing or spicing up stories when reality can be even more surprising. She eventually trusted me, and she and her daughter enjoyed what they experienced. It was a three-hour tour, which implied a lot of walking across three of the city districts (‘sestieri’), and a lot of different perspectives on the complicated identity of this magic city. In her article Suzanne Moore defines it as a magical mystery tour, quoting the famous album by The Beatles (a veritable honor for me: their music is eternal and I love them a lot!). There is indeed a magic atmosphere here in Venice. The water makes you feel in a special way and seems to soften your pain and sorrows. I wish to thank Suzanne Moore a lot for writing this long article about her Venice experience and about her tour with me.